Employment & Higher Education When on the Sex Offender Registry

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Because §§9.1-905 and 9.1-906 are both concerned with issues relating to employment and education, it is helpful to discuss them in the same section. The major difference between these two sections is that §9.1-905 deals with offenders who are non-residents who enter Virginia for employment, or education, or other reasons requiring an extended stay in the Commonwealth, while §9.1-906 deals specifically with students or employees of institutions of higher learning.§9.1-905 requires that anyone required to register under §9.1-901 must do so within three days of acquiring a residence within the Commonwealth.[1] It further requires that any non-resident entering the state for purposes of work, vacation or school, must register with local law enforcement within three days of entering the state for an extended visit.[2] Subsection (D) of §9.1-905 defines what is meant by the terms; employment, carry on a vocation, student, and extended visit.§9.1-906 is limited to those who either attend or are employed by institutions of higher learning. It proscribes additional reporting requirements for the offender, including, but not limited to, providing law enforcement with the name and location of the institution, whether or not it is within the Commonwealth.[3] This section also requires that a law enforcement official inform the head of the institution’s law enforcement department, or if none exists, the jurisdictional law enforcement department, with information on the registration of the individual.[4] Under this section, the receiving agency is required to make this information available upon request.

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