Support for Family Members When a Loved One is Charged With a Sex Crime

Criminal Defense Lawyer Richmond, VA

Is one of your loved ones, family members or friends being charged with a sexual crime? This blog is for you. Quite often, when a family member is charged with a sex crime, the rest of the family is left reeling. The sense is, they can’t talk to anyone, and no one could possibly understand what they are going through. Not so. In this office, with permission and anonymity, I often pair a mother\wife\husband\brother et cetera, who has already gone through this with their own family members’ charge(s). This is usually done with a method of calling with no names being used. Rather, the individuals are called “X”. Again, this is always done with permission and is anonymous. An “X” support person can often pull a family member or loved one through a very difficult time. An X often has useful advice, and they have a tremendous amount of empathy for what is going on. Sometimes an X pairing forms close bonds and each reveals their identity – sometimes not. Either way, it helps to know there is someone out there who has gone through the nightmare of their loved one’s legal uncertainty.

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