Richmond Criminal Defense Firm Builds Mock Court Room

Criminal Defense Lawyer Richmond, VA

Debra D. Corcoran is an experienced Richmond criminal defense lawyer who has proven herself as a truly committed, passionate legal professional. Continually focused on helping clients through difficult times and on strengthening their defense as much as possible, Attorney Corcoran did something rarely found at other criminal law practices. This past summer, she built her own mock court room.

Located in firm’s office in Richmond, the mock court room is an incredible replica of the real thing. Measuring 20 x 20, the court room is complete with its own jury box, a judge’s bench, two way mirrors, electronic recording equipment, and other standard features one would find in a real court room.

Corcoran’s objective behind building the court room was to help her clients prepare for trial. A nerve-wracking experience during which an individual’s future may very well be on the line, trials are perhaps the most crucial part of the criminal justice process. Any mistakes made in court can be costly.

By preparing clients and guiding them through all the unfamiliar steps and procedures in the comfort of her own office, Attorney Corcoran is able to build strong, close-working relationships and ensure that her clients have the best possible chances of obtaining the positive resolutions they need.

Since it was built a few months ago, Attorney Corcoran’s mock court room has already become a significant part of her practice. It falls in line with everything The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran is all about: helping clients protect their future. To read more on Attorney Corcoran and her mock court room, you can read this article.

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