How Do You Know if Your “Sexual Crimes Lawyer” Really Knows What He Is Doing?

Criminal Defense Lawyer Richmond, VA

This firm handles Sexual Crimes ranging from child pornography to sexual molestation. We have a number of Board Certified Forensic Specialists ranging from psycho-sexual psychologists to computer experts. In crimes alleging sexual contact, we have a number of individuals specialized in obtaining information about the accuser and historical data that puts together an accurate history of events (i.e., time-lines of the accuser and our client). And that is just where we begin. 
Sexual crimes are terrifying and the consequences are devastating. They often ruin more than the lives of the person accused. Family members are usually impacted, jobs and homes are lost, standing in the community is gone, suicide is often attempted by a person falsely charged, and isolation is often the rule – not the exception. 
This office has extensive experience in handling sexual crimes and we do a good job in representing our clients. Recently, however, we have noticed an increase in firms advertising criminal defense for sexual crimes. Some of these firms are probably very capable, but a potential client should be a savvy consumer. The following are questions an individual should ask when seeking the defense of a sexual crimes lawyer: 
* Do you have references? 
* What additional services do you have to maximize my defense? 
* What forensic experts do you use and what is their track-record in becoming qualified with the Court? 
* How many cases have you actually tried before a jury? Which ones have you won? 
Asking these questions should give a potential client a great deal of reassurance, and the lawyer should be able to answer these questions immediately and without hesitation. 
Debra D. Corcoran

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