Attorney Phone Numbers

Criminal Defense Lawyer Richmond, VA

It is not until you are arrested that you realize that you need to remember the phone number of your criminal defense attorney. In this age of electronic devices and storage, not many people can remember their own phone number, so who can really remember their lawyer’s phone number? That being said, one of the most important things you can do if you are under fear of being charged or arrested is to write your criminal defense attorney’s phone number on the inside of your elbow in permanent, indelible ink (usually a Sharpie does the trick). 

You may be asking why this is necessary, but it allows you to recall the number even if handcuffed and forced to scrub down in the lockup. By writing your criminal defense attorney’s name and phone number on your arm, you will be able to recall the same without looking in your cellphone and while in a very stressful situation. 

By doing this one, simple act, you can be assured of having all the important information necessary to contact your criminal defense attorney when you need them the most.

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