How to Determine if Your Lawyer has Trial Experience

Criminal Defense Lawyer Richmond, VA

For most people, the experience of a Jury Trial is a frightening experience. Of greater concern, is how few lawyers actually have meaningful trial experience. Given this problem, when searching for a lawyer, Clients have no way to determine their lawyer’s experience or their track record in the courtroom – especially in the criminal arena. It has often been suggested, that lawyers should be Board Certified in litigation (as well as in other areas of the law). I am all for it, but Board Certification would not reveal a lawyer’s skill level or her success rate – especially in serious crimes. So how should a client ascertain trial experience? The answer is simple, ask the attorney about the trials he/she has tried (as well as the length of the trials, whether the trials were civil or criminal, the charges in the criminal cases, and what the outcomes were). In addition, a potential client is well advised to ask the attorney for the names of a few former clients for references. This is important, because a client is trusting years (possibly) of his life to a person who may hold the key to his freedom for years to come, based on that attorney’s trial skills. This is especially true if the client is innocent and wants to have a matter decided by a jury.

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